Truck Club Events

If you want to be a SUCCESS in a General Motors Business Elite Store; our club events are a top priority for you to attend. We offer quarterly events throughout the year for Business Elite dealers. Those who attend hear information from General Motors staff and guest speakers that fosters success when members utilize the knowledge in their stores. Our events are held within the boundaries of our territory, to include but not limited to, Virginia, North Carolina, & South Carolina.

Important Officer Contacts:

Truck Club Meetings

Our Atlantic Coast GM Truck Club meetings are a chance to meet with all the Business Elite Dealers representing General Motors and Vendor Members that provide vital services to our success. We host quarterly truck club meetings so that our members have a chance to interact/network, boost Dealer Trade Partner Relations, GM Product Knowledge, Vendor Body Product Knowledge, Media/Net-based Services, and plan upcoming events through open discussions.

Throughout the year, our Truck Club will meet at different venues within our territory to host our meetings. Some of these venues will be interactive with activities following the meeting. Some of the venues will allow for our Vendor Members to display up-fitted trucks, and others may be more business meeting oriented. From conference rooms to golf courses to race tracks to arenas; our meeting options and venues have something for everyone, not just educational knowledge for Success.

Get involved, Continue to Support, and Be a Success!